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horseback trail rides + drop camps + pack trips

in the Santa Fe National Forest



Hello!  We hope you'll come ride with us through the beautiful Pecos Wilderness.  Along the way you may see elk, deer, wild turkeys, grouse, coyotes, free-range cattle, and one of America's healthiest herds of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep.  We will take you through quiet, dense pine forests, bright aspen groves, and wide open grassy meadows.  There are several rides to chose from, and you're sure to have an unforgettable experience, whichever one you choose.


Our horses are all well-travelled in these mountains, and we think you'll enjoy their steady gaits and unique personalities.  By the end of your ride, you may have made a new four-legged friend!


We are experienced in backcountry horsemanship and wilderness survival, and have been travelling through these mountains on horseback for many years.  After meeting in California, where we both packed mules in the Sierra Nevadas, we returned to New Mexico and began enjoying the mountains in our own backyard.  Over the years, we have gained a close and intimate knowledge of all the nooks and crannies, hills and valleys, creeks and rivers. 


We look forward to sharing our love of these mountains with you! 


Allen and Colleen

*We are currently closed for the season.  We're looking forward to seeing you on the trail in Spring 2023!*

Enjoying the view of Truchas Peaks


Most of our rides are in the Pecos Wilderness, in the Santa Fe National Forest.  From Santa Fe, it is approximately 1 hour driving time.  We also offer rides on Rowe Mesa, in the Santa Fe National Forest as well, and just 40 minutes drive from Santa Fe. 


On the full day and half day rides, we will stop for a mid-way break for lunch, snacks, photos, or any on-foot exploring you might like to do.  All of our rides are by reservation only, so it really is your ride.  If you want to explore a particular part of the trail, or take a longer break to do some in depth photographing (or napping!), just let us know.  Because we have set aside the day for your ride, we have a lot of flexibility once we hit the trail.


Please be aware that we will be riding in the high country, with a wide variety of weather conditions.  Come prepared for possible rain (we can tie your jackets to the saddle) and always bring a hat and sunscreen for protection from the high-elevation sun.  We will provide you with saddlebags to carry your water and lunches or snacks, so we ask that you keep your bring-along items to a minimum.  For the safety of both riders and horses, we have a 220lb. weight limit.  And last but not least, make sure to wear appropriate footwear.  Boots and sneakers are great, sandals and flip flops aren't.

**Please be sure to call or email to check on availability before booking your ride online. **


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