If you're planning a camping trip or hunt in the Pecos Wilderness, but aren't looking forward to carrying all of your gear on your back, we're happy to give you a hand - or hoof - with that! We can pack your gear in for you, and meet you at your desired location, or you can ride along with us on horseback. This is a great way to have some luxury in camp, since we can pack up whatever you want in the way of bedding, groceries, etc.  We also offer pack-outs for game. Please call for more details on your type of drop .  

Drop Camp

  • Please call or email us to check availabilty for the date(s) you would like to ride.  Once we schedule your ride, we ask for a 50% deposit, which can be paid online here.  Since we reserve your horses for your date(s), this deposit is non-refundable.  The remaining 50% can be paid in person on the morning of your ride by cash or check, or simply return here and pay online.

    When checking out, click "APPLY COUPON" and enter code DEPOSIT.  This will give you the amount due for you 50% deposit.  Simply repeat this the morning of your ride to pay the remaining balance.

  • We're really glad that you're interested in riding with us, and we'd like to give you some tips to help you have the best time possible.

    Please be sure to wear suitable clothing.  This means long pants, closed toe shoes like sneakers or boots, and a hat for sun protection.  We could encounter a variety of weather conditions, so please bring extra layers and a rain jacket.  Sorry, but we can't let anyone ride in sandals, shorts, or anything else we consider unsafe.

    Be sure to bring a plastic or metal water bottle.  For our half day and full day rides, we recommmend bringing a bagged lunch and a few snacks.  We will stop for a 20-30 minute lunch break.

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